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Exquisite . Modular . Craftsmanship

Modularcraft believe that people are more inspired in beautiful and functional spaces. Our products complement and merge seamlessly into your lifestyle, enabling you to achieve more in your own creative space.
Everyone should be able to access beautiful and functional design. Modularcraft buildings are supplied with all finishes and features included and ready to use.

[pillar_video_modal layout=”embed-small” colour=”video-play-icon–light” text=”Our Project in Malaysia University of Pahang” embed=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nJVqH3gZXs”][/pillar_text_image]
[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Bar-Chart” layout=”small” title=”CERTIFIED R&D”]We worked very closely and event spent millions of ringgit to work with University Malaysia of Pahang (UMP) to find the best solution for the safest yet modular housing solution in Malaysia and to the world.[/pillar_icon_box]
[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Like” layout=”small” title=”SAFE & PATENTED”]Hundred of tireless hours has been utilized on further testing and safety experiments just to ensure you’re safe and comfortable to live in our Modular Craft unit every time.[/pillar_icon_box]
[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Shop-2″ layout=”small” title=”QUICK INSTALLATION PROCESS”]You determine your timeline. Discuss today, get the design tomorrow and get it erected on your land next coming week! That’s how fast we work and that’s how easy Modular Craft is in every situation.[/pillar_icon_box]
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The only challenge is how you want to set your standard of intelligent living

Be it a humble abode or just a small compact home for you. Our system is designed to optimize available spaces that is known to be limited. But size is not the limit, because creative solution and thinking will broaden every aspect of your living space.