All You Need To Know

Industry Overview

The introduction of the standard shipping container in the early 1956 by the inventor, Malcolm McLean completely changed freight transportation replacing manual labour with highly automated container vessels carrying thousands of standard 40’ container. Loaded and unloaded of a ‘dazzling speed’.

The first shipping container were manufactured by Europe and Japan. Later, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan – accounting for about 90% of all shipping container production.

Not many years later after the container was widely used, China geared up to become what it is today as”The workshop of the world”.Millions of tons of “Made in China” goods find their way to the west all in standard shipping container.

China Takes The Lead

China entered into the shipping container manufacturing in the early 80’s gaining momentum beginning in 1993 from china Low Cost Of labor and also becoming the largest producer and recycler of steel.

  • By 1995, even Taiwan,Hong Kong,Japan,Korea and most of Europe were producing their shipping containers in China.
  • By 2000, China had become the world’s largest manufacturer of ISO shipping container.
  • By 2007 China producing 82% of the entire world supply of ISO Shipping container
  • By 2012, China producing dominating world’s container manufacturing by 97%.

Container Architecture Typology

The container is so modular that it can be arranged and modified to many typology. Be it as single container unit or  a spice-up build up, you can determine how the final look will be. Most of the container building nowadays are used as mixed structure.