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The Modularcraft system is a revolutionary construction technique which have been jointly developed by Portland Group Of Companies and University Malaysia Pahang.

[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Flowerpot” layout=”boxed-icon” title=”Think & Go Green”]Modularcraft system is also part of University Malaysia Pahang’s new green policy of using recycled industrial commodities and adapting to sustainable building construction technologies, inline with global effort towards protection of the environment. You can be part of this initiative by realizing your building ideas with us – Modularcraft[/pillar_icon_box]
[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Summer” layout=”boxed-icon” title=”Primer-X Coating”]The Modularcraft system comprises the use of recycle shipping container as the basic building module combined with the Primer-X. A thermal insulation coating or the G bricks which used in masonry works.These integral product in the Modularcraft system package are made of recycled material and are results of extensive research carried out by University Malaysia Pahang.[/pillar_icon_box]
[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Text-Box” layout=”boxed-icon” title=”Imagine & Create”]We significantly reduces the use of reinforced concrete or other labour intensive construction methods and minimises the on-site disruption. This system can be used in the construction of dwelling units, classrooms, dormitories, offices nurseries, retail spaces and more. Even better with Primer-X, container building is habitable in our equatorial climate.[/pillar_icon_box]

What can Modularcraft do for your business?