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Mobile Command Center

Expandable and Mobile Command Center

An expandable and mobile command center is a shipping container-based workspace for stationing personnel. It is equipped with proper facilities to undertake the task it which it is designed to.  In general, they are used for control and surveillance, in military and civilian settings. It has the capability to expand in a “1-to-3” mode to provide adequate working space and equipped with power generation, AC and self-lifting facility for easy land mobility purpose.

Since they are needed to function on the same level as a central office, they are often fully equipped with industry-standard technology, especially to undertake the task of tactical and surveillance duties. Other potential uses are:

i) Disaster relief and control center
ii) Medical makeshift center
iii) Large mobile data storage center
iv) Special module for off-shore applications
v) Other military applications (e.g., weapons storage and power generation station) and
vi) Mobile workshops

Technical Specifications

Major Dimensions and Weight

Height = 2,59 m; Width = 2.44 m; Length = 6.10 m
Effective working space = 24 sq, m.
Weight = 9.0 tonnes (inclusive of add-on accessories)

Ventilation System

Equipped with solar-powered forced draft unit to reduce heat build-up when not in use.

Electrical, Lighting and Signage

Power distribution of international standard electrical panel for lighting and power distribution, including:

• 100 Amp electrical service,
• Eight (8) lights (2 removable light fixture in each wing, 2 large square lights in the centre section,
• 100 Amps IEC pin and sleeve inputs located in power input panel
• Four (4) 110 VAC, deployable outlets
• Fitting for CCP equipment requirement
• Lightning & surge protector
• Electrical hardness
• Docking for AC power socket points, ethernet socket points and USB ports
• Power distribution box and circuit breaker
• Auxiliary power unit (APU) outlets and signal (data cable)
• Earthing cable
• Electrical changeover switch
• Red lights for night operation
• Exit signs and emergency light

Fire Safety

• 2 units ABC portable wall mounted 2 kg fire extinguisher
• Smoke detector alarm connected to main supply
• Escape route lighting

Electrical Power Plant

• Deutz diesel genset DPS 30 E
• 30.0 (PRP) kVA (continuous)
• 31.0 (LTP) kVA (standby mode)

External Auxiliary Power Outlets

• 2 sites at the exterior surface of the cabin, 1 on the left side near to the genset and 1 at the front, near to the main door.

Self-Lifting Mechanism

• A four (4)-legged independent lifting system, which is custom-made and proprietary of Portland Group of Companies, was attached to the four corners of the container unit with a capacity to up lift for mobility amounting to 12 tonnes, with a ground clearance of 1.7 m.


• Tools, manual hand book will be provided for in rear service compartment
• Adequate space for tool storage
• Equipment and components shall be readily available for service, as when needed as most parts are produced by the manufacturing company.

Construction Materials

• A composite foam and beam panel system is used to build the unit. Panels are made of a bonded sandwich construction consisting of a polyurethane foam core, aluminium skins and framework of high-strength all-welded aluminium alloy extrusions. The ISO corners and the end-band framework as well as the base of the shelter are made of high-tensile steel.
• The expandable part of the cabin is constructed of foam and beam sandwich panels which consist of a polyurethane foam core, carbon composite skins and a framework of high strength aluminium tubes extrusions. Structural strength is assured by orientation of the floor and roof beams in transverse direction.

• This unit was designed to have a life span of at least 15 years.


• International standard DIN ISO 1161
• Unit compliance to ISO 1496-6
• 20 ft, L x 8ft. W x 8.5 ft H, with top and bottom fitting meeting ISO 1161
• Stackable capabilities


• Well under 10 minutes to unleash the wings for fully expandable mode during operation.

Internal Noise during Genset Operation

• Not exceeding 65 dB when genset set is running at a constant speed of 1500 rpm


• It can be certified to be transported on roads, air lift or sea shipment.
• Securing for transport will take place using the ISO supports, special vehicle frames or with lashing chains on open flatbed.
• Air transport within the aircraft cargo bay is possible by lashing to the corner casting or as exterior load using a suitable lifting frame under consideration of spread angle.
• For loading and off-loading by crane with cargo gear (e.g., on rail cars or truck), the shelter will be fastened by ISO corner fittings.
• Forklift trucks can move the units by using the heavy-duty pockets located within the skids on the two long sides of the shelter.


• Training will be provided for at site or in video, on the operational and maintenance aspect in manning the unit during commissioning.

Temperature Extremes

• Operating: -15° C to +70oC, plus solar load
• Non-operating: -27° C to +75° C


• Other provisions are made to render the unit agile and tough – the inclusion of lightning arrester, auto ventilator, excess ladder to roof top and collapsible low height ladder to main door opening.

Isometric view of internal space when fully in expanded mode.

Top view of working space

The possible interiors configuration

Rear View

Front View

Top View

Interior views and basic facilities